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P-6036 Heavy Duty Sub Sea Data Logging Load Shackle

Euroload Limited provide a range of Heavy Duty Sub Sea data logging load monitoring shackles. Manufactured from Van Beest P-6036 heavy duty bow as standard. Stainless steel or steel load pins available We use a high quality datalogger mounted within the load pin. Before sending the shackle sub sea you can set all the logging parameters. 1,000,000 data samples are available as standard. Pre-set start time, stop time, sample rate, alarms and many more. At Euroload we calibrate every load shackle in its bow in tension. We never calibrate load shackle pins on V Blocks in compression. The accuracy is unacceptable calibrated on V blocks. Euroload load shackles have incredible accuracy and repeatability through years of R and D. These heavy duty load shackles have been designed to cope with any environment with ease. The first application we used this shackles on was to tow a subsea plough at the tow head. The standard range cover 120 tonne to 2000 tonne. Special`s are available on request. These load shackles are utilised in varies industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine. Anywhere a reliable tensile remote load reading is required.