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Hi-Torque 17H ROV Surface Torque Verification Transducer

Euroload Limited provide a range of torque load cells. The 3000 NM torque load cell is a stock item. The 17H (35mm) Hi-torque analyser is manufactured from high grade stainless steel with mil-spec connections for use in ROV buckets. We can supply the cable any length with various readout options available. As standard we would offer the PSD232 handheld display c/w RS232 output. 0.1% high accuracy national standard test rig to 65,600 Nm at Aberdeen factory. Designed to fit in Surface Torque Verification Unit to verify ROV torque tool is working accurately. Euroload Limited manufacture Surface torque verification transducers units to: Class 1 and 2 sockets 11/16” Class 3 socket 1-1/8” Class 4 socket 1-1/2” Male and Female Class 5 socket 2” Class 6-7 socket 3.5” API 17H- Hi-torque sockets 35mm