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G-4163 Tensile Telemetry Load Shackle, Light duty ECO

Euroload Limited provide a range of Light Duty load monitoring shackles. Manufactured from Van Beest G-4163 heavy duty bow shackle as standard. Stainless steel , down hole strain gauged load pins. Euroload can manufacture using any manufacturer or style of load shackle for specific applications. Subsea or Hazardous area are also available. At Euroload we calibrate every load shackle in its bow in tension. We never calibrate load shackle pins on V Blocks in compression. The accuracy is unacceptable calibrated on V blocks. Euroload load shackles have incredible accuracy and repeatability through years of R and D. These light duty load shackles have been designed to accurately read load in very small shackles. The options available for the ELT telemetry output are unsurpassed, from battery operated handsets to receiver modules for analogue output, digital output, gateways, datalogging, large digit displays, printers, etc. See our ELT24 Made to Measure brochure for a full list. The 2.4 GHz signal is worldwide exempt. The standard range cover 4.75 tonne to 17 tonne. These load shackles are utilised in varies industries including, Oil and Gas, Stage and light rigging, Manufacturing, Aerospace, renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine. Anywhere a reliable tensile load reading is required.