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ELT 01 Tensile Telemetry Load Link

Euroload Limited provide a range of Aluminium tensile telemetry load links. Designed from aerospace grade aluminium for maximum confidence. Excellent overload properties, ergonomic design to minimise injury if dropped, 14 meter water depth test as standard, unique screw off battery compartment. This unit has been designed to cope with any environment with ease. We offer this low frequency unit as a alternative to all the 2.4 GHz units on the market. The 433 and 900 MHz signal is very strong and can work perfect in a environment where 2.4 GHz is compromised. It also works very well in industrial areas where heavy steel work is present. Carry cases are purpose built and laser cut to protect the load links during storage and shipping. The standard range cover 6.5 tonne to 500 tonne. Specials are available on request. These load links are utilised in varies industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine. Anywhere a reliable tensile load reading is required.