Overhead Crane Load Monitoring

Euroload Limited provide load monitoring solutions for overhead cranes. Consisting of load cell and large display. There are many points to fit the load cell. Replace the compensation sheave pin, dead end wedge socket or clamp on rope style. All load cells have 4-20 ma output to minimise noise from the electrical motors.


We use high quality London Electronics display with 2, 4 or 6” displays, 4 or 6 digits, double sided display available, remote key fob to zero, outputs available including telemetry. We have had these displays working in very harsh environments for over 10 years with no issues.

 Audible visual alarms and overload alarms available


We have also fitted load cells and transmitters direct onto the grab of Timber overhead cranes transmitting the load direct from the grab to the operator cabin. Full datalogging is available to log all lifts real-time.

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