34000NM Torque Analyser

Euroload Limited provide a range of torque load

cells. The 34,000 NM torque load cell is a stock item.

The class 1 torque analyser is manufactured from

high grade stainless steel with mil-spec connections.


As standard the unit has a Mv/v output but other

output are available on request including 4-20 ma,

0.1-5.1 VDC, RS485 and telemetry.


We can supply the cable any length with various

readout options available. As standard we would offer the

PSD232 handheld display c/w RS232 output.


0.1% high accuracy national standard test rig to 656,000

newton at Aberdeen factory.


Carry cases are purpose built and laser cut to protect the load

links during storage and shipping.


The standard range cover 3,000 NM to 34,000 NM. Special`s

are available on request. These load links are utilised in varies

industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace,

Renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine.

 Anywhere a reliable torque force reading is required.

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