3000NM Flanged Torque Load Cell

Euroload Limited provide a range of Aluminium flange

mount torque transducers. Designed from aerospace

Grade aluminium for maximum confidence. Excellent

overload properties, hard black anodising, 1400 ohm

16 active arm Wheatstone bridge.


 Standard  3000 NM design stocked. Specials made to

order to suit any flange pattern.


 Calibrated against Euroload 646,000 NM ,0.1% accuracy

national standard test rig.


The standard range cover 3000 NM to 6000 NM. Special`s

are available on request. These flanged torque transducers

are utilised in varies industries including, Oil and Gas,

Manufacturing, Aerospace, Renewables, Fishing, Transportation,


 Anywhere a reliable torque load reading is required.

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