Telemetry Compression Load Cells

Euroload Limited telemetry cylinder compression load

cells have been designed for the harshest of

environments for multiple applications including, silo

content's monitoring, hydraulic ram verification, center

of gravity calculations, pile testing and many more.


Fully stainless-steel construction, swivel top cap, optional

loading base, IP68 ingress protection, ELT24 telemetry output.


 The options available for the ELT telemetry output are

Unsurpassed, from battery operated handsets to receiver

modules for analogue output, digital output, gateways,

datalogging, large digit displays, printers, etc.

See our ELT24 Made to Measure brochure for a full list.

 The 2.4 Ghz signal is worldwide exempt.


The standard range cover 25 tonne to 1000 tonne. Special`s

are available on request. These load cells are utilised in varies

industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace,

Renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine.

 Anywhere a reliable compression load reading is required

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