S-421T Wedge Socket Load Pins

Euroload Limited have developed a range of stainless

steel load pins to fit the Crosby S421T wedge sockets.


 Pins fit exactly into existing wedge socket with no modifications.

Anti-rotation bracket secures the load pin in the correct



All dimensions as per Crosby S421T wedge socket.


Standard output is Mv/v. Other output options include, RS485,

4-20ma, 0-10VDC, 0.1-5.1 VDC or ELT24 telemetry.


We can provide telemetry wall mount displays, gateways,

battery operated displays and many more readout options

to suit your requirements


The standard range cover 3/8” to 1 ¼”.  These sockets are

utilised in varies industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing,

Aerospace, Renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine.

 Anywhere a reliable tensile load reading is required.

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