ELC-01 Cabled Tensile Load Links

  Euroload Limited provide a range of Aluminium tensile

telemetry load links. Designed from aerospace grade

aluminium for maximum confidence. Excellent

overload properties, ergonomic design to minimise

injury if dropped, heavy duty connectors on link and

handset, optional subsea connectors available, cable

length to suit your requirements.

This unit has been designed to cope with any

environment with ease.


The ELC-01 cabled load links can work with our cabled

battery operated handset or can be fitted with a

Multitude of output modules to suit your requirements.

From analogue output, digital output, relays and many



Carry cases are purpose built and laser cut to protect the load

links during storage and shipping.


The standard range cover 6.5 tonne to 500 tonne. Special`s

are available on request. These load links are utilised in varies

industries including, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace,

Renewables, Fishing, Transportation, Marine.

 Anywhere a reliable tensile load reading is required.

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