ELT-24-HD Heavy Duty Load Cell Transmitter.


The Euroload Heavy Duty Load Cell Transmitter has been designed for the harshest of environments.  The ELT24 transmitter is mounted with in Rose GRP heavy duty enclosure. Two off DD battery's power the unit giving exceptional battery life. Simply plug in the load cell and away you go.


 There is a in-depth selection of receiver/display/digital output/alarm modules available to show /record/data log all the results from the transmitter.


 High impact GRP enclosure IP66, ELT24 transmitter, two off DD battery power, up to 6 months transmitting on full update speed, remote power down, Amphenol IP67 input connector c/w dust cap, up to 800 meter transmit, multiple options for signal receive, 2 year warranty, easy calibration and set up via the PC based toolkit.


 The above transmitter can be fitted to any load cell with a Wheatstone bridge.


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