Bespoke Torque Load Cell

Euroload Limited have introduced Torque load cells to there range of load monitoring equipment.

We have a range of standard torque cells but specialize in bespoke cells designed to meet our customers exact requirement`s. With complementary instrumentation to provide any type of interface/readout. Telemetry versions are also availabe with full data logging capability`s.

The model shown above is a bespoke 25,000 FTLB torque analyzer designed specifically to meet our customers requirments and certified in house c/w RS232 output for data logging. Calibration in both positive and negative direction as standard.

We have our own custom designed test fixture capable of forces up to 40,000 FTLB with more being designed as we develop the range.

For standard or bespoke torque transducers contact our sales team or local agent for more information. 

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