ELT-24-RLM Telemetry Running Line Monitor

Euroload Limited have introduced the ELT-24 range of telemetry electronics to our well proven design of Running Line Monitor. With new improved transmit range of the ELT-24 electronics (up to 800 meters) we are confident this will be a popular product.

ELT-24 electronics come into there own when the customer wants to do more than just read the load and payout figures. The range of options is extensive including, free software to data log up to 50 RLM`s simultaneously, webserver built into software for remote viewing, anologue output modules, large digit telemetry display (4"), gateways, relay modules, digital outpits, printer, transmit to mobile phone, wind speed sensors.

With its 2.4 Ghz worldwide exempt transmit frequency, low power consumption, extended range transmitter and extensive option range we feel the new ELT-24 range is a excellent option for our customers.

The new telemetry running line monitor electronics fit all Euroload RLM`s and you can data log up to 50 RLM`s in one area. No cables or mains power required on this new convenient solution for monitoring wire tension and payout.


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