Bespoke EXD Control Panels

At Euroload Limited we can supply complete bespoke systems for Hazardous areas including EXD panels.

This EXD panel for a Norwegain client displays the load from four Euroload Zone 1 IS load pins and records all the data on to a ABB SM500 video graphic recorder. Four channels show the individual load and channel 5 shows the total.

With no customer interaction, the system records all results to a SD card inside the recorder. There are 3 alarms on the panel controlling a traffic light system and a 6.25-amp DC shut down signal to stop the hydraulic power pack.

The system was designed to meet the customers requirments and supplied within five weeks of the order being placed.

For any enquiry regarding hazardous area products from EXD, IS, Telemetry, load pins, load shackles please contact our sales team.

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