ELT24-LOG100 Telemetry C of G Software

Euroload Limited would like to introduce our new telemetry centre of gravity software. To be used in conjunction with Euroload`s new range of ELT24 compression load cells.

Simply place the compression cells under the unit requiring weighing and C of G calculations, switch on the laptop holding the software, plug in the ELT24-Bsue USB receiver, open the ELT-LOG100 software and wake the load cells. Zero all channels and then lower the structure onto the load cells.

Manually enter in the X and Y axis and press report. The software will write a report with all the results noted. This can be e mailed direct to your customer.

Telemetry compression load cells are available from 1 Te to 2000 Te. Transmittion range for each cell is approx 500 meters depending on site conditions.

This software can be custom desined to incorporate your company logo and details. Can be used with up to 8 load cells for larger structures requiring more support.

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